Gewalt und Leidenscaft I - state and business
Gewalt und Leidenschaft II - autoaggression
Gewalt und Leidenschaft III - family ties
Gewalt und Leidenschaft IV - media
Gewalt und Leidenschaft V - medicine

Gewalt und Leidenschaft, 2004/2005

5-part photographic work as ditone prints on hand-made paper, each approx. 110 x 390 cm
The different phenomena of violence in society are set in scene: the violence that emits from the state and business, violence within the family, road rage, the topic of media and medicine/pharmaceutical industry.

Gewalt und Leidenschaft (Violence and Passion) makes reference to historical allegories and social portrayals in painting. The photographs were taken in each case in a space that corresponded with the topic, using different protagonists. The pictorial narrative is accompanied by elves who wish to influence people in one direction or another. The panoramic shooting technique makes the pictures very reminiscent of film. In reference to film in general and filmic representations of violence, therefore, a recurring figure in the photographs is Alex, from Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick.