Die Dinge des Lebens (The Things of Life), 1993 – the end

Edition of 5

Silver gelatine fiber based print, each approx. 22 x 29 cm

Photo installation of several hundred black and white photographies.

The Things of Life is an assemblage of pictures showing everyday objects that appear specific and private in the individual object as well as in the photographic view to the particular object. In their joint presentation they maintain the character of the universal and timeless. Place, Time and authorship of the photographies seem undefined. An unscientific ethnology of peculiar aesthetic, defined through things of everyday life, that have been taken notice of.

The atmosphere is determined by the balance between cold romanticism and emotional archiving. As in Martin Mlecko’s other works, here too the contemplative-associative potential is the forming factor: Based on the creation of a plain, almost austere harmony, he lets rooms of mind wandering arise. Not the individual picture is in the focus, but the array of pictures and the associated time frame.

(Kay von Keitz)