In December 2006 and January 2007, Martin Mlecko spent several weeks in Paris on the invitation of  Culturesfrance. During this time, Mlecko moved with a stranger’s eye through the social periphery. With precise observations of reality, he adjusted traditional and emotional literary-romantic ideas about the city. A multi-layered photographic diary developed throughout this time, which is in its whole a panorama of what the streets of Paris revealed to the quiet flaneur on cold days and nights.

The Paris Goethe Institute’s exhibition Beauties and Beasts, in the gallery Immanence in Montparnasse, flanks Mlecko’s Paris diary with large prints of his current work in Berlin. “About Hope” and a print of  “Family Ties” from the cycle Power and Passion add to a metaphorical cabinet, which confronts the perpetual yearning for beauty and happiness with its continuous and inevitable failure. Thus, “Watch out for your dreams – they could become reality!”

(Wolfgang Schöddert)